How To PLAy

WLTM box


Contents of Box

  • 1 x Would Like to Meet card
  • 300 word and phrase cards
  • 1 x instructions

Number of players

Threesome to Gangbang


  • Place the ‘Would Like to Meet’ card face up between all the players
  • Deal all players 6 cards from the deck
  • Keep the deck nearby where all players can reach it

Getting down to it

The person who most recently went on a date is the Advertiser for the first round.

  • All players look at their hands
  • The Advertiser creates an opening line for the lonely hearts ad from the cards in their hand, then places them face up, above the Would Like to Meet card.
  • Using the cards in their hands, the other players create the second half of the ad, and place their cards face down, below the Would Like to Meet card.
  • Once all the players have placed their cards, the Advertizer reveals the profiles put down by each player
  • The Advertiser chooses who wins, and awards one of the cards currently in play to the winner, which they keep as a point.
  • Remove all the other cards (except the Would Like to Meet Card) and place in a discard pile
  • All players restock their hands to six cards
  • That’s the end of the round
  • A new advertiser is selected and play continues until you’re exhausted and satisfied

The Climax

The first player to win 3 rounds is the winner.  When the pleasure finally comes to an end*, cuddle up, and exchange sweet nothings.

(sometimes if you give yourself 20 minutes you can have another go).

Playing WLTM
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