UK Games Expo was a blast!

Ingenium Games at UKGE

Well it’s over for another year.  The UK Games Expo was last weekend, and it’s honestly taken a good couple of days for my feet to recover, and to follow-up all the amazing conversations I had.  There was a really good buzz about the show, with record breaking foot-fall and all kinds of games and game related goodies to browse.  

This was the first year I had a stand with Ingenium Games, and it went really well.  WLTM (Would Like to Meet) was really well received and sales went very smoothly.  It was such fun to demo the game and see the fun everyone had with it.

Aside from the logistics, demo-ing, and sales being a success, I also want to reflect on something my brother said.  He was helping me out for the whole weekend, and isn’t part of the gaming hobby at all.  He said ‘it’s a really mixed crowd’, and that made me so proud of the tabletop community.  It was fantastic to be around people who share the same hobby and just want to hang out, and dive head-first into the thing they love.

Fingers crossed I’ll be back next year!

UK Games Expo was a blast!
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